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Polite: Welcome to Shiarapedia. Proud: I am a catgirl, and this is my virtual ball of yarn.

Apologetic: Not much here at the moment, it'll be built on over time. Aim is to contain lasting notes on games our zomg crew plays, though more a reference guide with random things I can throw up a page to point people to, and a place for personal graffiti, rather than any sort of robust wiki. Yet. This is also a nuclear wiki test site, where things go boom during all times of day, except naptime.

Mischievous: Plus I figure if I upload enough stuff onto this, I'll finally have revenge for that incident where Jahandar griefed my computer by exploring my temporary Minecraft server by running in straight lines from spawn.

Perky: If you're a visitor stopping by, hi! For changes, comments, etc, email jesskitten at gmail. If you are part of our zomgroup and want an account, ask Jah in Discord/IRC. I think new user registration's been disabled due to those Polish/Russian spammers.


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