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(Note: This page is very old and un-updated, mostly here as an archive of what we used in the distant past.)

My list of mods for ESO.

Mod Manager[edit]

Minion (optional) - Had to restart it a couple times after picking the ESO addons folder before it would detect it, but really nice for installing, and especially updating, ESO addons from ESOUI.



  • UBER Fidelity Suite II - Graphics Overhaul mod (will also need to install ReShade, fairly painless, instructions on page.) Not supported by Minion.
  • Ultimate UI Hider - Gets rid of more things than the in-game UI hider, like quest markers and nameplates.
  • Votan's Darker Nights - Makes Tamriel a little darker at night. Comes with a toggle keybind due to a limitation that sometimes you may have to toggle it off in buildings.


  • Advanced UI (AUI) - Bunch of modules that add a minimap and tweak the UI. Can toggle individual parts on and off. Turn the Frame Mover off after use, or subtitles break.
  • Destinations - Adds a lot of different points of interest, depending on your preferences, to the map and/or compass. Mostly for achievements.
  • SkyShards - Lists all the skyshards on your map. This is really invaluable.
  • LoreBooks - Lists lorebooks (+Mage Guild xp) and regular books (you eventually unlock a separate tab for them in-game) on your map as desired.
  • Lost Treasure - Scans for treasure and survey maps in your inventory and marks the location of their caches on your in-game map. Impossible to do them otherwise.


  • HarvestMap - Shows you harvesting nodes in the world with 3D pins. Make sure you get the Community Data too. Install that while NOT in game or it will get overridden.
  • MultiCraft - Lets you craft or process multiple items at once. Essential. Works for everything except filleting fish.
  • Votan's Fish Fillet - This one does filleting. And tracks how many Perfect Roes you get out of how many tries.
  • AI Research Grid - Gives you a grid for all your characters so you can see what researches/motifs you have acquired on them, without having to be logged in or at a station.
  • Research Assistant - Not as necessary anymore as the Clockwork City patch added new icons in your inventory. Shows different coloured icons if you can still research an item.
  • Master Recipe List - Gives you a list of all the recipes and which ones you know. Also adds a line at the bottom of each recipe listing the characters that know it.
  • PotionMaker - Lists all potions you can make with Alchemy, very useful for Alchemy writs. Also helps with unknown herb properties.
  • Rare Fish Tracker - Usually toggled off, but when fishing it's invaluable to let you know what you still need for achievements.
  • Votan's Fisherman - Gives you a big on-screen alert and optional sound when you catch a fish, because sometimes the bobber is hard to see in some waters.


  • pChat - Revamps the chat box and channel names, colours, how people's names appear (account vs character name) etc.
  • Tamriel Trade Centre - One of the two mods that tries to handle item pricing, adds info to the tooltip saying how much an item is worth. Comes with a website search too.
  • Srendarr - Buff/Debuff Tracker - Very customizable buff and debuff tracking. Takes some setting up though.
  • Awesome Guild Store - Adds filters, history menu, and a few other things to the Guild Vendors UI.
  • No Accidental Stealing - Partially broken, the stealth bit doesn't seem to work, however the blocking of accidental looting of owned items does work, and that is the important bit.
  • Clock - Tamriel Standard Time - Only necessary when hunting werewolves/vampires or if you want to know the time of day because the sun and moons are weird.
  • Vampire's Woe - Prevents you from accidentally feeding on others as a vampire. Feeding uses the same mechanic/keybind as thievery.
  • Harven's Subtitles - If you have subtitles on and working, this lets you customize how they appear so they aren't immensely huge and ugly. Unless you want it that way.
  • has2lam - If you use any of Harven's mods, you need a separate mod to not have both an Addons and Add-ons menu, because special snowflake.

Other Websites[edit]

  • Tamriel Trade Centre - Centralized list of items for sale. Be aware that things are flushed out over time, so cheap things more than a couple hours old are usually gone.
  • HarvestMap Community Data - Go here to get updated map pins for HarvestMap.
  • In-game clock - If you want to look for time-based mobs and don't want the addon, this site is accurate.
  • Glyph combinations - These pages are useful when you are doing enchanting writs, it tells you what you need to combine to make X glyph.