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(Note: This page is very old and un-updated, mostly here as an archive of what we used in the distant past.)

Hello! We are on Gilgamesh. So any server-specific links will be Gilgameshy in nature.

Gameplay guides and lists[edit]

  • Crafting and Gathering guide - A comprehensive multi-part guide written up on Reddit. If you just want a basic guide, jaunt over to the wiki.
  • Desynthesizing guide - Desynthesizing kicks in at level 30 in a crafting profession. Tons of data here I don't quite understand.
  • Mithrie - A streamer who has some well-regarded crafting guides and high-level macros and other information linked in her channel description
  • List of Sightseeing Log entries - This unlocks at level 20 and requires you visit them at specific times and weather conditions and do a certain emote. They are not all available at once - You have to do the first 20 before any others are unlocked. (Also, see the community research thread here.
  • Another Sightseeing Vistas site - This one highlights which ones are open based on the ingame time, but it unfortunately does not hook into weather conditions and so doesn't highlight based on that as well. I have not found a site that does it all, but this one is pretty good because they have a checklist feature and allow you to filter out completed vistas.
  • FFXIV tricks and secrets - There are some great "secrets" in here that are not well known by most of the community.
  • Cat Became Hungry - An intensely incredible fishing-focused site. It tells you what level you need to be to fish out anything from any body of water, maps of the fishing locations in each zone, data from desynthesizing fish at Culinarian level 30, and has an awesome live timetable of what fish can currently be caught depending on weather conditions (a higher level fishing gimmick - certain fish can only be caught during certain weather), as well as an accurate and succinct list of current and upcoming weather conditions in every outdoor zone. The "current" weather is in the second column there. This can be used for the Sightseeing Log as well, as those are also weather-dependent.
  • FFXIV Fisher - Another fishing site using Cat Became Hungry as a source. I don't really understand the formatting, but it seems to have fishes CBH does not seem to have.
  • Duolc - Mining, Botany and Fishing spawn conditions in a huge list, filterable and sortable.
  • Gilgamesh Hunts page - This apparently uses data from *Guildwork, but is a much more focused and specific page. "Open since" means that the mob could spawn, because the cooldown window after the last kill that the mob generally won't respawn in has ended. But this site is basically to look up mobs that could spawn, and not when they are actually spawned, because those seldom last more than a couple minutes and the site doesn't seem to update its info fast enough nor allow people to toggle a mob as "spawned". Also, I believe mobs only register on Guildwork when someone with the Guildwork client running targets the mob, so it's already sometimes a minute or two behind 'live'.
  • FFXIV Triad - A Triple Triad site with lists of cards, playable NPCs and their requirements, clock indicators for the time-based NPCs, and best of all a checklist that you can use to check off cards you have acquired and NPCs you have beaten.
  • FFXIV Mounts - What they look like and how to get them.
  • Minions - A wiki list that includes methods of acquisition.
  • XIV-Minions - Another site with lists of minions and mounts, that also includes a rankings table you can opt into.
  • Minion interaction thread - An incomplete list of how some minions will react to other people's nearby minions.
  • Titles And how to achieve them!
  • Progression and Level Locked Content - Lists all the stuff that unlocks for you at each level.

Useful links[edit]

  • Guildwork Client - 3rd party Guildwork client, but read this before you decide whether to install it or not. The client is a little bit off sometimes so take any information with a grain of salt, but it is generally excellent. It misses certain cross-zone shouts sometimes, the occasional FATE name will show as ???, and the weather portion can be spammy even though it only updates once every 8 hours game time. They are all individually toggleable, though.
  • Guildwork FFXIV Live - Crowd-sourced from those who use the Guildwork client, this page has tabs that show Nexus Light levels, weathers, FATEs, cross-zone shouts, currently recruiting parties in the Party Finder, and currently active Hunts. The info should also be taken with a grain of salt - what is there is usually correct, but the Nexus Light is missing several instances, the Weather page isn't well done, and so on. The tabs also load slowly.
  • FFXIV Crafting - This site is incredible. Among its many uses, you can go to Equipment Calculator, plug in a class and level (except rogue :( But use archer for that) and it will spit out a scrolling list of the best non-instance (crafting, quests, leves) gear you can acquire for your level and the levels above and below you. You can scroll the list all the way from 1 to 50. From there you can click on craftable items to add them to your Crafting List, which is essentially a 'shopping cart'. You can also go to Recipe Book, manually search for a craftable item, and add it to the Crafting List that way. When you then click on Recipe Book, it will spit out a list of all the base ingredients and secondary crafted components that you need to acquire and make in order to create your final items. This is invaluable for the daily Grand Company crafting quests, or doing a bunch of crafting leves at once! And on top of all that, it has a ton of levequest info..
  • XIVDB - A database mined from game data, it shows mob spawn locations, item statistics and acquisition, FATE locations, and so on. It is well-stocked with community comments as well.
  • FFXIV Wiki @ ConsoleGamesWiki - One of the two well-detailed FFXIV wikis.
  • FFXIV Wiki @ GamerEscape - This is better in regards to some things, and loses out in other places. Check both!
  • Mini Cactpot Solver - Plug your numbers in and win!

Fluff (may contain content spoilers!)[edit]

  • Hildibrand Cutscene Playlist - The Hildibrand questline must have been some team's 20% time project, it's a very long lighthearted episodic level 50 questline that gets added to now and then. It's exaggerated, silly, fun, and ridiculously hilarious. Along the way you unlock a dance emote, a gentleman pose emote, a minion, some gentlemen cosmetics, unlock several trials with more minions that drop in them, and a title. There is so much well-liked content here that fans have made compilations of all the cutscenes in the game compressed into YouTube videos; this is a particularly good playlist that I found.
  • Tam-Tara Hardmode - A Reddit writeup of the lore and easter eggs revolving around the creepiest dungeon in the game.