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(Note: This page is very old and un-updated, mostly here as an archive of what we used in the distant past.)

These are a list of my favorite Android apps, in no particular order.

These categories follow the same naming scheme as the folders I use (see images).

Home Screen 1
Home Screen 2






  • Waze - Traffic conditions


  • Unified Remote (Paid) - Control your PC from your device, mouse & keyboard or specific remotes for watching movies, controlling spotify, etc
  • bVNC (Paid) - Remote desktop (aRDP (Paid) for RDP)
  • AirDroid - Interact with your device from your computer
  • ConnectBot - SSH/Telnet connections (Jah please confirm that this is the right one)
  • DropBox - File storage/sharing
  • MightyText tablet - Send SMS through your phone from your computer
  • PushBullet - Recieve notifications on your PC and push links, notes, etc between devices and computers and friends







Because I'm too lazy to make my own list and just want to tag on additional apps to Jah's list.

Shiara's Home Screen
  • Timely Alarm Clock (Paid) - Alarm clock app
  • Tunein Radio (Paid) - Internet radio player
  • Skiplock (Trial/Paid) - Bypass screen lock on a defined wifi network
  • Beautiful Widgets (Paid) - Awesome customizable widgets (Jah Note: Great app that I missed! Example widget style on the home screen image above (Shiara Note: What! You're trying to steal my viewers by asking them to look at your image, when my prettier home screen to the right also uses all BW widgets! SCANDAL! (Jah Note 2: NOO! My note was added before you added your picture. SLANDER! (Shiara Note 2: What! But I added those on the same day, so you snuck that in! I'll see you in court! CYBERSQUATTING! (Jah Note 3: Let the evidence speak for itself. Here is the page as it appeared at 02:26, 31 January 2014 with NO Shiara Images in sight! Clearly I had no choice but to step in to maintain the level of quality that this wiki page demands. Your images will not added until well over a half hour later, probably as an attempt to save face for not having already added pictures of your own, and not until you saw my clearly superior images and stole the idea! Who's the stealer NOW? You'll hear from my lawyer! (Shiara Note 3: It's called derivative rights! The content is entirely different and much prettier! Your lawyer will hear from my dad! (Even if that is true, the fact that my actions were innocent and justified still stands. Also, screw the lawyers, I'll talk to your dad myself. We'll hash this out! (Edit: Yay, now the text length in this section is finally as long as the silly image to the right.))))))))
  • Humble Bundle app - Connects you to your Humble Bundle account and lets you download all the Android-enabled games you own on it
  • Twitter - Official Twitter app
  • Amazon Appstore - To check the daily Free App of the Day - there are generally much better deals here in the long run than App of the Day/AppGratis, but ALWAYS check reviews done on that day from a dedicated community of geeks who scan it for permissions and malware and post their results/opinions. Also, you'll easily pick up $20+ in free credit from Amazon from free promotional deals over time, that you can use in their App Store.
  • Appsales - To keep an eye on Google Play Store sales. Not complete, but seems better than most.
  • Appdeals - I also keep an eye on this one, though it doesn't seem as comprehensive as Appsales, some days it has more/different stuff than them. (Shiara note: I don't use this app anymore.)
  • Dolphin Browser - Replacement browser that has Flash Player support built in
  • App of the Day - A "Free app of the day" app, where different paid apps are made free for 24 hours. The apps range from games, to wallpapers, to little utilities, etc. Nothing major, but I've picked up some useful trinkets from it. Updates once a day and deals last for 24 hours, and seem to come with a little personal written blurb about the program.
  • AppGratis - Another "free app of the day" app I use. Different set of free apps from App of the Day. Occasionally just advertises an app that's already free instead.
  • DotD - Droid of the Day. A daily review/recommendation of a free app on the Google Play store based on feedback by some Android community out there somewhere. Jah-recommended. I have yet to actually get something based on its recommendation after almost 2 weeks, but I'm sure there'll be some eventually.
  • Package Tracker Express (Paid) - Package Tracking app - Worldwide postal services, not just American.


Because Shiara will harangue me endlessly until I add a section here.