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When I was young, we had a version of After Dark running on our home computer, and one of our favourite modules to watch (when we weren't allowed to actually play games on it) was Rat Race. We tabulated a list of rats as well as what positions we saw them finish in random races, in an attempt to see if the "game" favoured some rats over others.

The experiment never got very far - however these rat names do not seem to come up on a cursory Google search, and make for fairly decent puns sometimes. Also the notebook we recorded our findings in is falling apart. Therefore, I present a complete list of the rats in After Dark's Rat Race, saved here forever for posterity and hopefully indexed on your favourite search engine. Capitalization might be slightly off, and I had one source that says Rat Came Back was Rat Come Home, and I'm not sure which it actually was. (All the sources consisted of me writing things down on paper, so I definitely made a mistake one way or the other with that rat, but it was almost certainly one or the other. Most likely Rat Came Back, as written here.)

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  • Abort, Retry, Fail?
  • Algernon
  • Better Than Cats
  • Big Wheel
  • Boris Bait
  • Buttercup
  • By A Whisker
  • Control Group
  • Crunchy In Milk
  • Dan Ratter
  • Dime A Dozen
  • Dog Eat Dog
  • Doug
  • Drag And Drop
  • E Ticket
  • Eeky Squeaky Heart
  • Ersatz Rats
  • FD&C Red #2
  • Feta Cheda
  • Flamin' Furball
  • Flea Biscuit
  • Habitrail Hipster
  • Hillary's Little Secret
  • I'm With Stupid
  • Kentucky Blue Cheese
  • Little Elvis
  • Mama's Good Gravy
  • Merkle's Mistake
  • Mister Wuggams
  • Mouse ++
  • Nachismo
  • Nosfer-RAT-u
  • Pepe Le Fromage
  • Pink Eye
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Rat Came Back
  • Rat O' War
  • Rat Tattooie
  • Rat-a-tat
  • Rats? In Berkeley?
  • Rocket Science
  • Rodent Rambler
  • Sampson's Pigtail
  • Sec-rat-ariat
  • Son of Da Mouse
  • Space Rat Spiff
  • Tall Tail
  • Ten Fingered Freddy
  • The Nose
  • Trurl
  • Twelve Step
  • What, Me Scurry?
  • Whisper
  • Works for Cheese